Hello All!

Welcome to my new blog! I’m Juanita and I’m here to share some encouragement and hopefully bring a smile to your heart. Wait….. what did she say?? Encouragement? Good feeling stuff? Smiling and happy stuff….

Ok, so I know not everything is Bad news out there in media land and there are lot’s of people like me who write really good blogs  about really positive things! Trust me, they are out there!

My mission with this blog is bring my love of encouraging people to see the world as a good place even with all the bad things that go on. Not always easy, but definitly worth exploring! Oh and as time goes on you will see I toss in a whole lot of humour (usually at my own expense) because I do look at the funny side of life and find humour in the weirdest places and situations!

This blog is not only a new journey in itself, but I began a real life journey aswell, I just moved to a new province (from Alberta to British Columbia, Canada) away from my family and friends and where I grew up. Where I’ve landed I’ve never been before, I packed up my little car and began this new life. It was 20 plus years in the making, and with a few unxpected twists and turns (a few missed exits, and an extra day….but thats another story) and a whole lot of laughing,  I’ve opened a new chapter in life.

It’s never too late to start something new, set another goal, or follow another dream. It may take time, planning, prayer(a lot of prayer) and a few mistakes along the way, but don’t give up. Your dream may not end up the way you thought it would, it could turn out a whole lot better! As I look out my window right now, it’s raining but it’s stunning! It’s grey and yet I couldn’t be happier because it took 20 years and I’m here and I have no idea what is waiting around the corner!

Thanks for starting this adventure with me. I look forward to sending out some amazing encouragment, funny stories and hope to your heart.

Your turn….. what adventure or goal are you thinking about but just need that little push to take the first step? What’s holding you back?



Beautiful Seaside walk, yes it’s raining and yes it was amazing


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I’m a mom, a Christ Follower and an Encouraging Soul who is sharing the positive in a world that overlooks it. I’m enjoying this beautiful adventure in life, laughing at the bumps along the way and seeing the beauty around me.