When the Fog happens…..

Sometimes going through a fog and coming out on the otherside keeps you aware that you can fall backwards at anytime. I had this experience this past week. I had a personal time in a fog and lost perspective, lost my way, and felt all alone.

Now, before I go much further, let me say I have a very strong Faith, I have a fantastic family, and a number of friends, but I still fell back into a isolated fog. It happens, even when you think it couldn’t ever happen again. Fortunately I had a beautiful search party sent out to bring me back, in the form of my daughter who would not allow me to just stay lost in the deep dark silence, tears, and dark thoughts.

The experience got me thinking, and had me wanting to make sure I moved forward, and even though its a good reminder I’m still vulnerable at times (as we all are), I won’t stay stuck.

Life can get overwhelming at times, and sometimes we don’t even see the fog getting thicker until we can’t see the road out anymore. So I have some tips to help you make you’re way out, or even not venture down that road at all.

5 Ways to Help Keep Yourself Out of the Fog

1. Find your People: This is highly important! No joke, you are not intended to walk this earth alone. We all need our people, our community, our tribe. No matter what you call it, FIND THEM. They are your trusted people that you can talk to about anything and everything, and here is the kicker, they will love you, support you, and even kick your butt when they need too. (THAT’s IMPORTANT TOO!)

2. Give your People the freedom to come get you:  That might mean they actually need to come get you from some place that is harmfull to you, or it could mean they don’t leave when you say in that tone, “Everything is fine.” Have the conversation in the good times, that they have permission to not let you hide, even when you are so lost you just want the world to leave you alone because the pain is that deep. It’s life saving.

3. PRAY: *** If you are not a God person move on to #4. ***  Now for me, this is first, but thats me. God is ALWAYS listening. I spend a lot of time talking to GOD,  but there is an area I struggle in, I will happily and tearfully pray for anyone and with anyone, but I struggle asking for my people to pray for me and with me. It’s important to again have this in place, even if it’s just the word, PRAY. Let your people know.

4. Take a look at your physical health:  Some of you might be scratching your head at this one, however hear me out. Are you working too hard? Have you been sleeping? Are you eating real food instead of junk food? Have you gotten any exercise lately? Have you stopped to just breathe or has everything be a race to the finish? If you don’t take care of your health, it adds to the stress, the fog, and the dangerous road you are travelling.

5. Seek Help :  If the above steps are not enough, or your fog is getting worse, or just not lifting, seek help. There are hotlines in most area’s that you can talk to professionals who are amazing listeners and can put you in touch with services that can help you. To add to this I want to stress:




This journey of life is full of ups and downs, peaks and valley’s and while we might not enjoy the valley’s we need them to truly love the peaks.  -Unknown.

Keep walking the road, we can’t see what’s around the bend, or what awaits us, but it could be your greatest adventure yet!

Until next time, enjoy your day and whats left of the lazy day’s of summer!


A Long Journey Back


Hey everyone! It’s been a long while since my last post, and a lot has changed.  Maybe not on the outside, but definitely some learning on the inside.  This blog will look a little different from what I had first invisioned. While it will still be encouraging and uplifting, it’s also a journey.

I’m still in BC, and enjoying this beautiful life, but I’ve made a few discoveries along the way.  Some habits I thought I had left behind and some realizations that smacked me in the face. The first, and a little secret that apparently only I thought was a secret, was that life will only change if you are intentional about changing it.

When I arrived here, I had BIG plans, big dreams and I was going to revamp a lot in my life to make me a better healthier person.  Sounds good?? Can you see how this might not go exactily how I planned it?

Key word….. plan! I didn’t have one. I had a general idea, but not really a plan. Those who know me well, would say this is not unusual and so far Juanita you are not revamping anything in your life. And they would be right!

I started this blog, and then kinda hit the panic button and thought this needs to go on the back burner and I need to get to work. And then I let fear set in. Now I talk a lot to people about my Faith and being lead by God. And I’m here to say upfront I still panic. I’m not a perfect Chrisitian who has it all together, and doesn’t struggle with fear about the future and how I’m going to pay for things and what direction my life is going in. And if you feel that way too, boy am I glad to meet to you.

When I say I got  to work I mean, I overloaded my schedule. I took my life back into my control. Or so I thought. What I really did was make myself sick… again. I have a history of doing this. I struggle with saying no and trusting what is better. I work to the point of throwing my body, mind and spirit out of anything that could be considered healthy. I don’t eat properly and recovery goes out the window, followed by smart choices and realistic expectations for my best health.

Now why am I telling you all this? Well because when I talk about encouraging others and healing and listening to God, I want you to know I’m still a mess.  My words aren’t coming from some pie in the sky, or some “I know better because I am a Christian who does everything right” ( I would really really like to meet someone who has never done anything wrong and who really has it all together all of the time).

I’m taking this back slide and picking myself up all in stride. On the incredible up side it did not take me long to see the error of my ways ( thank you mom and Kat) for their loving words and swift kick in the butt. You are never too old to take advice from your mom, and trusted family. Keep that in mind.  And keep in mind when you are not following where God is leading and you say you are following and keep hitting walls, it’s time to really open your eyes and question who are you really following??

Until next time, enjoy your day! 😊