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Great Mornings Can Happen!

If you don’t have some sort of direction how will you know when you have arrived? Welcome to the unofficial start of the new year. 

It’s back to school time if you have school aged kids, but even if you don’t, it seems almost that universal “time to get back into a real routine” time of year.

It’s funny to me that January is the official “New Year New You, time to get life in order, I’m going to do things different,” frenzy that floods us December to mid January. When it seems, for most people September is the real start to kicking off the year.

September seems to be the starting point, scheduals start to form, plans are made, and new routines are developed. The holiday’s are over, we hope we are refreshed and ready to dig back into work and school.

Now for some people, the last few weeks of August might have been a reflective time or even a planning time for how to handle the morning rush and get everyone out the door with as few tears and stress as possible. (yes IT IS possible,😂 don’t shake your head at me!!) However some of you might be thinking about those routines right now….

There are ways to help your morning get off to a better brighter start.😍 Yes even if you are not a morning person, or the people you need to get out the door are not morning people, it can be done. 😊

And what if I told you it begins with YOU!


Now hold the phone, yes you read that right. The morning routine will be successful and it begins with you. How is that possible? Little secret…. if you aren’t rushed and impatient it goes a lot better.

How does that work?

Glad you asked…..

5 Fantastic Steps to a Better Morning Routine

1. Set up for Success the Night Before! I said these steps worked I didn’t say they were rocket science. The key to minimizing some of the morning craziness is to get ready what you can the night before. For older kids and teens make this part of their routine. It’s a good life skill. Pick out clothes, pack lunches or at least know what your taking for lunch, have the packpacks together and near the door, including your work bag and your purse or keys if you leave at the same time or whatever your morning activites. Also have shoes, coats etc all together. No one enjoys the race around the house looking for that missing shoe when you have to be out the door 5 minutes ago. Even go as far as having breakfast dishes on the table, and knowing whats for breakfast, the least you have to make decisions on in the morning the happier and less stressed it is.

2. Give yourself plenty of time! Jumping out of bed with 20 minutes before everyone needs to be out of the house, screaming and shoving food in their mouths might seem exciting to some…. says no one ever!! Give this some real thought. We are looking for a better morning routine, and that means TIME. Time to wake up, time to eat, time to shower, time to get things done.

3. Know what Works -Part one. This highlights the YOU, I mentioned earlier. You know you. You know if you are a bright and cheerful, ready to welcome the world as soon as you jump out of bed person, or if you are the I need to ease into this day, and would appreciate if I could do it in silence type of person. Or somewhere in between person. If you are the cheerful person you may not need extra time, or if your kids are older and don’t need your immediate attention you could use this time to slowly welcome the world. However if you are the needing silence to wake up, helpful hint to make your routine the best, wake up a little earlier then everyone else and feed that part of you, enjoy that silence you need so everyone benefits.

4. Know What Works – part 2. So if the above highlights you, this one highlights everyone else. If you have a mixed morning people household, do what can be done to let them wake up the way that is most successful. A cheerfull chatty…. encourage them to chat with you (cause you are ready for the day, see why YOU were first???) and leave those needing more time to slowly wake up in their way. And if you are the household with mostly silent types, breathe and enjoy the peace.

5. Perfection is Impossible! So life was going great, the routine was working beautifully then BAM! You slept in, they slept in, someone forgot to make a lunch, that crazy shoe disappeared right before you needed to leave, the needing to wake up slowly now can’t and is grumpy and you are feeling like you are up for worst parent of the year…… so it happens. The day starts off rocky, but you get out the door mostly on time, but tears do happen. Guess what, life is life and perfection doesn’t always happen perfectly. You still have this, and you are still greatness.


“ When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive- to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” – Marcus Aurelius

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchhill

Beautiful mornings can happen, and I hope for each of you that they happen many more times going forward.

Until next time, have a wonderful week!

Juanita 💕

A Long Journey Back


Hey everyone! It’s been a long while since my last post, and a lot has changed.  Maybe not on the outside, but definitely some learning on the inside.  This blog will look a little different from what I had first invisioned. While it will still be encouraging and uplifting, it’s also a journey.

I’m still in BC, and enjoying this beautiful life, but I’ve made a few discoveries along the way.  Some habits I thought I had left behind and some realizations that smacked me in the face. The first, and a little secret that apparently only I thought was a secret, was that life will only change if you are intentional about changing it.

When I arrived here, I had BIG plans, big dreams and I was going to revamp a lot in my life to make me a better healthier person.  Sounds good?? Can you see how this might not go exactily how I planned it?

Key word….. plan! I didn’t have one. I had a general idea, but not really a plan. Those who know me well, would say this is not unusual and so far Juanita you are not revamping anything in your life. And they would be right!

I started this blog, and then kinda hit the panic button and thought this needs to go on the back burner and I need to get to work. And then I let fear set in. Now I talk a lot to people about my Faith and being lead by God. And I’m here to say upfront I still panic. I’m not a perfect Chrisitian who has it all together, and doesn’t struggle with fear about the future and how I’m going to pay for things and what direction my life is going in. And if you feel that way too, boy am I glad to meet to you.

When I say I got  to work I mean, I overloaded my schedule. I took my life back into my control. Or so I thought. What I really did was make myself sick… again. I have a history of doing this. I struggle with saying no and trusting what is better. I work to the point of throwing my body, mind and spirit out of anything that could be considered healthy. I don’t eat properly and recovery goes out the window, followed by smart choices and realistic expectations for my best health.

Now why am I telling you all this? Well because when I talk about encouraging others and healing and listening to God, I want you to know I’m still a mess.  My words aren’t coming from some pie in the sky, or some “I know better because I am a Christian who does everything right” ( I would really really like to meet someone who has never done anything wrong and who really has it all together all of the time).

I’m taking this back slide and picking myself up all in stride. On the incredible up side it did not take me long to see the error of my ways ( thank you mom and Kat) for their loving words and swift kick in the butt. You are never too old to take advice from your mom, and trusted family. Keep that in mind.  And keep in mind when you are not following where God is leading and you say you are following and keep hitting walls, it’s time to really open your eyes and question who are you really following??

Until next time, enjoy your day! 😊


Taking a Wrong Turn……


When was the last time you took the wrong road? Missed that turn? Ended up somewhere you hadn’t intended? How did you react? Did you shake your head, sigh and find a way to turn around? Did you get mad, maybe let a word or two escape your lips? It happens to the best of us.  Currently it’s happened a lot to me as of late.

I mentioned in my last post I moved to a new province. One I really don’t have a lot of experience in. Ok…never mind “Alot”, how about zero. I’m traveling roads I didn’t know before and finding places I’ve never been….. and missing more turns then I care to mention.

So how do I respond? Well I laugh. Yes, I’m not kidding, I laugh. Do I always laugh….. no. And my daughter can definitly support that. In the past week I had two very different reactions to taking a wrong turn.

The first was on our way to my new home. It was the end of day one, and we had driven along way, it was snowing hard, and we were looking for the place to pick up our pizza. I missed the first turn, and then got lost twice….trying to get back. I was cranky, and hungry and a little on the panic side because the roads were getting bad in a city I was not familiar with. It made things a little strained to say the least. And I was no longer happy and calm….

Fast forward a week…… I’m coming back from getting groceries and took the wrong turn. The fog had setttled in and I’m still learning my new area. I drove well out of my way, taking several wrong turns, finding myself in two parking lots and way off target, until I found the road I needed…..but the difference was I was laughing the whole time. I was still smiling when I opened my car door to head into my home.

So what was the difference? Sure road conditions, but I was still lost, I still made the wrong turns, and in the end I was still late in getting dinner going. However I realized something, I let myself get annoyed in the first case. I forgot I was in control of my attitude and I held myself to a standard of knowing what I was doing, or where I was going, without really knowing where I was going. In the second case,  I remembered this is just a journey and I had plenty to learn, so relax, I’m going to keep messing up and it’s ok.

It’s not easy to laugh sometimes when you miss a turn, make a mistake or head in the wrong direction (many many times). I want to tell you, it’s ok. It’s ok not to be perfect. It’s ok to not get it right all the time! Breathe, pause, and then move forward! It will be ok……

I would love to hear from you, leave me a comment on a time you either lost your mind or had a good laugh because you couldn’t get to where you were going because you missed your turn.

Until next time……