A Pause in Time….

Photo credit: smalltown_millennial


This momma and baby came to visit us last week. We (my daughter and I) were going about our weekend chores at home, busy and rushing about and I looked out our back door and they were in our back yard. Everything stopped in our house as we both came to the door and just watched as they moved about. They came and went a few times, and they spotted us watching them. It was beautiful and yet a reminder too that we share this place with them.

I think what if I hadn’t looked out the window. I would have missed that small gift and a chance to just stop and take in that beauty. How often in our rush to check off our TO DO list do we miss something that is really worth seeing?

The image of the two deer stayed with me along time, more so because it was just a chance encounter. But that encounter, brought everything to a stand still and we just took it in. It made me more mindful to slow down and see what else I might be so busy doing that I just don’t see what’s passing right in front of me.

Do you find your days flying by? It’s mid August, summer is coming to a close in a few weeks, and I want to ask you, what made you stop this summer? What caught you off guard and had you pause to really enjoy the moment? Or have you been so busy you haven’t really noticed much of anything?


Not work time, it’s play time!!
He flew so close to us on a hike, we had to stop and say hello.


Pause in your days, take a breath and look around. There is so much to see….

Until next week, have a beautiful day!

A Walking Inspiration….


Today it’s crazy windy but stunning. I want to offer you a moment of encouragment as you go about this weekend. As I walked along this morning, the waves crashing as a storm was brewing, Mother Nature having her way and the craziness that can mean. I want to draw your attention to the beauty and power that it can produce. More the beauty, the real beauty of it. And respecting the power of the waves and how they can seem like they just roll in and out. The waves can catch you off guard and pull you in, often like emotions, often like hurt feelings and unkind words.  The point is you can step back, you can look at things from a distance, not step into it or put yourself in its path, on purpose anyway.  Storms, crashing waves, high winds, water spray, and the rocks are all beautiful….. at a distance.  Finding the calm, knowing when to move out of the way, seeing the beauty, now that is the real power.

Stunning Views on my walk at Willow Point B.C


“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist..” – Oscar Wilde


” Train your mind to see the good in everything.”- unknown


Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Juanita 😊